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Jean - Charles creator of Dugain Plectrum

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Jean - Charles Dugain invents the first ergonomic pick in 1982, carved in order to receive the thumb and forefinger to ensure an optimal grip.
Also sculpted tip as if she had suffered natural wearing down will easily fit to your different guitar styles.

Ergonomic picks

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Artist and craftsman to your service Jean - Charles Dugain offers a range of ergonomic picks allowing you to get the comfort and sound you dreamt of.
Manufactured in France in a variety of materials, they offer sounds, colors, different feelings adapting to each of your guitars and styles, jazz, Gypsy, jazz-rock, blues, guitar strings Nylon, bass guitar as well as for mandolin, bouzouki and other traditional stringed instruments.
Wood : the original dugain for its natural non slip qualities and the hottest sounds.
Coconut shell: offers a brighter sounding than the wood tone, a bit more wear-resistant.
Horn: soft tone, bluesy.
Bone: more resistance to wear, sound rich and powerful, the most brilliant of all dugains.
Acetate: appearance close to the tortoise shell, warm sound.
Delrin: warmest sound and soft of the range.
Acrylic: offers a very dynamic, little colorful attack.
Let yourself be seduced by the mineral tones of stones,
Vou will  keep them long avoïding  to let  them fall on a hard surface.
We manufacture several models to satisfy a greater number of guitarists.
Minidug - Standug - Maxidug - Stone : with thumb and index finger.
Duggaucher :with thumb and forefinger left-handed footprints.
Dugpouce : with inch footprint.
Flatdug : without imprint.
Metaldug : silver - Bronze - brass - aluminum.
Dugdeluxe : Plated gold - Mother of pearl - Mammoth ivory.

Feel free to offer your guitar the pick that will cause it to vibrate.

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