Our company Charter

Our credo

We want our picks to bring joy to the
guitarists as well as a substantial contribution to culture
music in general, with our ergonomic touch and the different materials with the concern for the care and development of values
human and ethical.
Our activities
Our picks are distinguished by their stylistic diversity, the
richness of their sound palette, their dynamism, their reliability
and solidity.
Our way of working
Our company aims to satisfy the highest
quality requirements both from the technical point of view than from the point of view
aesthetic based on our experience
for the development and the realization of concepts
as well a defined style as combining different styles.
Our innovations
continue to contribute substantially to the art of the invoice
Our behavior
We take our customers and their wishes seriously and we the
advise in accordance with our experience and our ideals.
We respect agreements and deadlines.
With all our
interlocutors, we communicate clearly, openly
and on time. We look forward to receive a compliment,
accept criticism and take responsibility for our
Our philosophy
In our company, all the people working
feel the enthusiasm for plectrums and design their
profession as a vocation. They are proud of their motivation,
their creativity and professionalism. They engage
for their work, are willing to take a large share
responsibility and find their satisfaction in excellent
work. They are ready to develop constantly,
Our principles
Compliance with standards and regulations
Duty of Board
Respect for industrial property
Reports balanced with business partners
Respect for environmental constraints
We respect always and everywhere the laws and regulations.
Permanent concern for quality and sustainable development,
We waive any unethical practice.
We are committed to promote tolerance, mutual respect,
We are particularly attentive for our use
natural resources.
Our management
We manage our business on a basis economically
healthy toward the future and to be a strong partner
facing our customers.
We offer our clients quality picks made in France to
a convincing price/performance level.

Jean-Charles Dugain          


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